It is perfectly natural to want to be the one to repair your residential or commercial property after experiencing water damage, but the truth is it may cause more harm than good. Restoration jobs in general that follow damage to your property tend to be extensively complicated and require the expertise of a professional water damage restoration team to get the job done completely and correctly. Here are some reasons you may want to take into consideration when you are deciding whether or not to involve a team of professionals in your water damage restoration.

Contaminants In The Water

If your water damage is caused by flooding, restoration becomes more of a risky business. The water in your home may have come into contact with raw sewage, fungi, chemicals, and other things you may not want to expose yourself to. When you bring on a professional team like the experts at OTM Restoration, they will come prepared with safety equipment and can sanitize the area so you don’t have to worry about putting your friends, family, employees, and visitors at risk when they enter your home or business. 


It only takes 24 hours from the water damage incident for mold to start growing. You may think you can just clean it and forget about it, but mold removal requires the skills of a professional. If you attempt to rid your home of mold without the proper knowledge and experience you may end up actually spreading the mold through your residential or commercial property through the air with mold spores. 

Electrical Risks

It is common knowledge that water and electricity don’t mix. When water comes into contact with your electrical items or the wiring in your walls it puts you at risk of electrical damage. It also can harm you physically with an electrical shock, depending on the situation.

Expensive Equipment And Teamwork

Completing a job as big as water damage restoration becomes twice as difficult when you are attempting to complete it on your own and without any professional tools and equipment. Some of the equipment could be quite costly, making the purchase of them to do the job seem unreasonable. When bringing on the team at OTM Restoration, we show up with the industry standard equipment that is recommended to get the job done right.

Future Damage From Improper Repairs

You may think that if the job looks done, then it is. Dealing with water damage is a whole different story. If everything isn’t 100% dry it can give you major problems down the road, such as:

  • Cracked foundation
  • Mold
  • Warped floorboards and drywall
  • Swelling in ceiling, floorboards, and drywall
  • Damage to your support beams
  • Mysterious and lingering odors
Water Damage Restoration services

While you are using your senses to assess whether the job is done. OTM Restoration will use specific technology and equipment that will let us know when every little bit of moisture has been removed.
There are many reasons why you should trust your water damage restoration job to a team of professionals. Not only will it make the process less stressful for you, but it will ensure that you won’t experience any negative effects of the restoration down the line. If you find yourself in need of water damage restoration, contact the team at OTM Restoration right away.

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