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Professional carpet cleaning services can restore the luster to your home or business property’s carpet and help to improve indoor air quality and cleanliness.

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Our thorough carpet cleaning services are available in Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and the surrounding areas.

Beloved for their functionality and aesthetic, carpets are a common flooring option for homes and businesses alike. In addition to their practicality and appearance, they can also act as sound proofing and even an air filter, trapping dirt, dust and allergens to improve indoor air quality. However, without professional carpet cleaning, carpets can demote air quality and begin to have a disheveled appearance. Cleaning of carpet and upholstery includes the removal of unwanted stains, dirt, and allergens on your carpet or furniture. OTM Restoration’s carpet cleaning services can protect your flooring and improve its cleanliness and brightness.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

First impressions are important and dirty, dull carpets can evoke the same perception of your business to prospective customers, vendors and employees. Keeping a clean workspace and office is not only sanitary, but also portrays your initiative and care to maintain a neat area. As a business owner, it is also part of your responsibility to provide a healthy environment where all those who enter can feel safe and confident that the interior they are in is free of harmful pathogens, germs and bacteria. Carpet cleaning helps to ensure sanitary conditions. Additionally, workdays are full of activity and high traffic, spills, dirt and debris can quickly stain and muddy the appearance. Commercial carpet cleaners can extend the life of your carpets by deep cleaning.

RESIDENTIAL Carpet Cleaning

So much of your time is spent at home and when it comes to your family, there is no such thing as too clean. Children, pets and normal everyday activity can quickly soil your carpet’s appearance. OTM Restoration’s experienced carpet cleaners are able to restore your home’s carpets to be free of stains, odors, dirt and allergens. Though regular vacuuming and spot cleaning can help as maintenance, there is no substitute for a thorough deep cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning can help to retain the longevity of your carpet investment and improve indoor air quality, creating a more healthy and clean environment for your loved ones.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Services Include:

● Professional Carpet Care & Cleaning
● Spot & Stain Treatment
● Pet Stain & Urine Treatment
● Upholstery Cleaning
● Sanitize/ Deodorize Carpets & Upholstery
● Flood/ Water Damage Restoration
● Regular Cleaning/ Maintenance

Unique Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Depending on your carpet cleaning needs, we will use our specialized techniques, equipment and cleaning solutions to determine the best solution for your home or business carpet cleaning. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, our services leave behind less residue without using harsh chemicals and detergents. We will work with you to decide the best cleaning and maintenance options for your unique space and requirements. With daily use and wear, it can be difficult to distinguish the progression of dirt and discoloring your carpets are going through. However, a deep carpet cleaning is a satisfying way to see the difference in cleanliness. With OTM Restoration’s professional carpet cleaning services, your carpets can sparkle again and last for much longer, preserving your flooring investment. Call us today to discuss your carpet cleaning commercial and residential needs for your home or business at 800-416-5986

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