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Whether fire and smoke damage, mold and mildew, pets and wild animals/ rodents, sewage, cigarettes, cooking or bacteria, OTM Restoration is on call 24/7 for all of your odor removal needs.

Removing malodors for residential and commercial properties in Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and the surrounding areas.

Offensive odors can be incredibly disruptive to your life and health. Odors can originate from many different everyday sources, regardless of how much you clean, or also residually from fire, water or mold damage. They are also usually an indication of a bigger issue. Foul smells can not only affect your senses and potentially your health, but can also give off an unintended message in business settings. We offer custom odor removal solutions to ensure that the air you’re breathing is clean and clear for loved ones, employees and customers. OTM Restoration is dedicated to restoring optimal air quality back to your home or business with our odor removal services. If unwanted odors are disturbing your indoor space, our professionals are on call to identify the cause if unknown, and remove all traces of the offending odor for good, including any other materials involved.

Odor Removal Sources Can Include:

● Fire & Smoke Damage
● Mold & Mildew
● Pets & Wild Animals/ Rodents
● Sewage
● Cigarettes
● Food
● Bacteria

Usually, offensive odors can be attributed to a source. By identifying the source of the offensive odor, we can properly eliminate it by using the science of the odor removal and deodorization learned through the IICRC. Uncovering the source may lead to remediation of a larger issue, especially in instances of mold, which is a result of water damage or perhaps a deceased animal trapped in an attic. When larger issues are not the culprit, everyday bacteria can be responsible for compromising indoor air quality. OTM Restoration’s odor removal services will not only eliminate odors but help to create a more sanitary interior.

Why Do I Need Odor Removal Services?

It’s easy to become acclimated to everyday sources like pets and cigarettes, until it is otherwise brought to your attention. Using regular household cleaners, air fresheners and sprays may help to temporarily mask the problem for a short time but will not eliminate these odors for good. OTM Restoration can help with pet odor removal and smoke smell removal from house. If you have had recent water or fire damage or damage that was not handled properly the first time, it can leave behind mold, smoke and soot residue, which are known to have harmful health effects when exposed for periods of time. OTM Restoration’s trained team has well over a decade of specialized experience in all aspects of water and mold remediation, with odor removal being a small aspect that we are qualified in.

Carpet Odor Removal

Though they bring beauty and comfort to an indoor environment, they can also harbor odors from everyday wear, pets, cigarettes, food spillage and stains, in addition to water or fire damage and require odor removal carpet services. Carpets are porous and are able to absorb and retain any smell where it is kept. OTM Restoration can remove all odors from carpets in your home or business using our specialized equipment and solutions for carpet odor removal.


Beyond simply smelling foul, certain odors can actually have adverse health effects. In addition to ridding your home or business of any unwanted odors, our services can also promote superior indoor air quality and a cleaner environment. Call us today to discuss your odor removal needs for your home or business at 305-671-3226

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