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Following the aftermath of a hurricane or any natural storm, OTM Restoration stands ready around the clock to expertly fit Stormseal, a specialized roof tarping solution, safeguarding your home or business from further storm-induced damages.

Providing expert roof tarping and Stormseal installation after storm damage throughout Florida

If a storm ravages your home or business, causing roof and structural damage, you may wonder what your options are for protecting your investment once the storm has passed. Many tend to go the way of roof tarps for their weatherproofing capabilities and relatively low cost and quick, easy application. However, there can be a few challenges and disadvantages to using roof tarps. When it comes to preserving your property and its contents, OTM Restoration understands your desire to have and return to normalcy and wanting to complete repairs in the best way possible.

Our technicians are trained and certified installers of Stormseal, an award winning temporary waterproof sealer for roofs that has protected thousands of storm damaged properties around the world. It can only be accessed by becoming an accredited contractor and undergoing accredited training.


Stormseal is a weather-resistant film that protects storm-damaged structures until permanent repairs can be made. The product is wind, rain, and hail-resistant polyethylene film that’s applied with heat to damaged roofs and structures, essentially shrink-wrapping them to offer temporary protection until permanent repairs can be made. Stormseal was created by Australia- based Stormseal Industries Pty Ltd. and is manufactured and distributed in the U.S. by Stormseal USA LLC.

OTM Restoration Roof Tarping in Cape Coral Florida after Hurricane Ian.



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● Hail Impact Tested
● 100% Waterproof
● Resists wind, rain and hail for up to 12 months
● UV Resistant
● Fire Retardant
● Shrink tested contouring to any surface
● High Strength & Tear Resistance
● 100% Recyclable


The importance of using a reliable and functional waterproofing exterior and emergency roof tarping is incredibly paramount when your property is susceptible to the elements after a violent storm. Roof tarps are widely used to cover storm-damaged properties until insurance claims are settled and final repairs are made, which can take up to 12 months at times. However, most insurance companies do not qualify roof tarps as an adequate roof covering or part of the insured structure and can deny coverage to personal property in some cases.

Roof tarps are also infamous for coming undone because of sandbags sliding off, the weight of collecting water, or simply because of strong winds. Property owners face constant stress and uncertainty and are known to have to constantly adjust, re-secure, or replace the roof tarp covering. When they are not covering the building, additional damage is liable to occur and can prolong the already protracted process. Some other possibilities can include, rips, leaks, UV breakdown, and condensation. Stormseal is an award-winning roof tarping product that is installed once by accredited contractors, lasting without compromise until permanent repairs are made. All of the reasons as to why roof tarps are insufficient are addressed and solved with Stormseal.

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Post Storm Services

Sustaining storm damage can be an overwhelming and lengthy process to endure while repairs are being made. OTM Restoration recognizes how unstable this time can be and is committed to protecting your property and its contents in the interim. As accredited contractors of Stormseal, a roof tarping material, our certified and trained professionals are on call 24/7 to ensure you have dependable security. Contact or call us today to discuss your Stormseal and emergency roof tarping needs for your home or business at 800-416-5986.