The weather can be a big contributor to the water damage caused to our homes or commercial properties. From water damage to fires, some of the potential disasters we face can’t be avoided, but often times there are things we can do to keep our homes and families safe during these events.

Follow Local Protocols

It can seem like such a pain to have to prepare for a storm, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you know of a large storm that is coming your way, typically your local news station may provide you with advice on how to prepare and what to expect. Sometimes your local government may even put into place an evacuation or other types of mandates. These are for your safety in the event the storm gets out of control, and should always be taken seriously. If you find yourself evacuating for a storm be sure to secure your home before you leave, if time allows. Your safety is most important, followed by the safety of your property.

Board up Windows to Protect Your Home From Water Damage During StormsResidents board up windows to protect home from water damage during storms in Miami, Florida.

Board Up Windows & Secure Your Home of Water Damage

If you have been in Florida for a while then you know that during hurricanes and tropical storms there are times that you may need to board up your windows. It is best to prepare for these situations before hurricane season as you might find it difficult to get the materials you need to do this task. Do this in advance in order to avoid being unprepared for the storm.

It is also wise to check your garage door before a storm to make sure it is securely fastened and closed completely. Garage doors are not as sound as other parts of the home and have a tendency to cause damage if they are not well secured.

Seal Holes From Previous Water Damage

If there is a hole in your roof or structural damage to your home it is important to cover or seal them to the best of your abilities. Not addressing things of this nature can lead to water damage, or can even be a risk to your safety. If there are any holes made from the inside to the outside of your home (for example, to run cables or for ventilation) you should also check to make sure they are sealed properly.

Clear As Much Debris As Possible

Debris and materials outside can cause great damage with the strength of a storm. Not only will clearing patio furniture, outdoor accessories, and building materials protect your home from potential damage like broken doors or windows that can come from these items turning into projectiles, but it will ensure these items will still be there and be unharmed for you to enjoy after the storm.

Storms and natural disasters can wreak havoc in our lives, not just as stressful events, but they can physically damage our commercial and residential properties. That is why it is best to be proactive and prepare. If your home does experience damage from a storm, or you have some previous damage you want to address before it turns into a potential threat, call OTM Restoration. We are here to assist you with any Storm Restoration you may require and provide 24/7 emergency services in your moment of need.

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