Hurricane Flooding in Florida Needing Water Damage Restoration

Water Extraction

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Residential and Commercial Water Extraction services throughout Florida

In the realm of water extraction, OTM Restoration stands out with its team of highly experienced professionals. Available around the clock, 24/7, we are poised to deliver top-tier property restoration services whenever water damage strikes.

Water damage, while often unanticipated, can pose significant challenges to property owners. Confronted with substantial water accumulation, flooding, or standing water, the immediate concern becomes efficient water extraction. Even minor water intrusions can conceal risks, including potential mold growth within the affected interiors.

Engaging a professional water extraction and restoration company is paramount in such emergencies. OTM Restoration’s team of experts is adept at ensuring both residential and commercial properties are restored to their prime condition, safeguarding structural integrity and health standards.

Water Damage Restoration Services

What Is Water Damage?

Water damage can come from a variety of sources. When you find yourself faced with an emergency water removal situation involving standing water or excess water, the most important thing you can do is to act immediately. The sooner and quicker that you can begin the water extraction process and water mitigation process, the better your property may fare, reducing the chances of mold growth from developing, and lowering the potential costs involved overall. Some of the ways water damage can occur include:

  • Broken pipes
  • Leaking pipes
  • Broken washing machines
  • Flooding
  • Natural storms
Water Damage | Know The 3 Types: Clean Water, Grey Water, and Black Water - OTM Restoration

Water mitigation then becomes the next step. This means securing the property, removing all standing water, and prevent mold and mildew from growing. Structural damage will be assessed and items and materials will be sorted to determine what water damaged items and materials are salvageable or unsalvageable.


OTM Restoration’s professional water damage technicians will then begin the drying process and cleanup. This is an essential step as it will largely determine the success of the water damage restoration. Wet and water damaged drywall, flooring, the ceiling or other materials may need professional repairs to preserve structural integrity. If drying is not performed completely and correctly, water damage and mold can carry on long term and slowly deteriorate a property long after water damage restoration and repairs have been made. Indoor air quality is also an important aspect and our highly trained technicians will ensure that any issues will be corrected back to healthy conditions.

Water Removal and Water Extraction Process

In the event of water damage, regardless of its scale, the water extraction process is a critical cornerstone of the comprehensive restoration strategy. Addressing and mitigating any excess water, be it from localized standing pools or more extensive flooding, is of paramount importance and demands immediate attention.

The severity and nature of the water damage, categorized by its class and category, will guide the selection of specialized professional equipment and advanced techniques. Such precision ensures that the water extraction process is not only effective but also tailored to safeguard the structural integrity and health of the environment. Engaging with this meticulous approach ensures the longevity of your property and minimizes potential secondary damages.

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

The cost of any water damage restoration depends on a few factors such as the water damage class, water damage category, and how much water damage has occurred to what materials. If black water is involved, this can affect costs versus if clean water is involved. If there is a need to replace structural materials including drywall, walls, the ceiling, the floors, or the roof, this could affect the cost. If the square footage of water damage is high, this could also affect the cost of the project.

OTM Restoration not only ensures a complete water damage restoration, but will work with you and your insurance company to make sure that you receive the results you deserve. The health and safety of your family, loved ones or employees is most important and regardless of the costs involved, should not be left to anyone without experience.

Why Choose A Professional Water Damage Restoration Company?

Like many things, if you experience water damage or flooding, choosing a professional water damage restoration company in Florida can make a world of difference. The knowledge, expertise, technical skills, specialized equipment, and manpower that a restoration company has is unmatched.

Not only can they help with multiple issues like mold and flood damage, but a professional water damage restoration company can repair structural damage, assess water damaged materials, and restore your property for the long term. Whether you need water damage repair, water mitigation, or any other kind of water damage restoration, OTM Restoration is the professional answer when you need help immediately.

Call OTM Restoration For All Your Water Damage And Flooding Needs

Even though you can’t plan your next burst pipe, leak in your pipes, flood damage, or natural disasters, you can rest assured that if you do experience any amount of water damage, OTM Restoration is on call and available to get you through the water damage restoration process for your home or business and ensure a job well done.

Our expert emergency water damage restoration, water repair, water cleanup, water mitigation, and flood damage cleanup services will restore your residential or commercial property back to safe standards after water damage or flooding so that you can get back to what’s important. Act immediately and call OTM Restoration today for all your water damage repair needs.