If you are in business as a property management company, then you are already well-versed in expecting the unexpected. Your property management company has certainly dealt with your share of hassles and troubles with you at the helm. But what happens when the unexpected is a major crisis involving fire, flood, or other damage? Even with your vast knowledge and experience, you will need a restoration company to help you with these big events. And in a moment of crisis, it is very difficult to find the best restoration company since it is so hard to think straight. Having a restoration company ready to roll and get to work on your behalf is a better idea.

What is an Emergency Management Process?

An emergency management process, or EMP, is a proactive partnership that a property management company makes with a restoration company. We will access your business, looking for potential hazards, thereby lowering your liability risks. We will also give you tips and tricks to make things run more smoothly. The heart of the emergency management process is creating an emergency action checklist so your company knows it is ready for anything. Having this process in place will get you back in business sooner should an emergency occur, and the third party customer evaluations will make sure that you and your clients are beyond satisfied.

Creating an Emergency Action Checklist Kit

One great thing that will happen with your emergency management process is that you will have an emergency action checklist that you can call upon in the event of fire, flood, or other emergency. Several elements that are included in this checklist kit include:

  • Insurance numbers and pertinent information for your business.
  • The shut off locations of your gas, water, and electricity in case of an emergency. Pictures are often included to help authorities find them in a hurry.
  • A work authorization for pre-approved authorization from your company in order to save time and money should an emergency need arise.
  • Emergency contact sheet for the company for all of the important people that need to be notified.
  • Local contact information for hospitals, insurance agents, as well as the local fire and police departments.

Being Prepared

The Boy Scouts are not the only ones who should be prepared. By joining your property management company to a restoration company BEFORE you have an emergency, you are saving valuable time and money in the event of an emergency. The longer fire or water damage is allowed to fester, the worse the damage will be. And it will also be more expensive in the long run. With an emergency management plan in place, your professional restoration company can make one phone call in an emergency, and we will handle the rest.

Sports fans know that the best defense is a good offense. By being proactive in setting up an emergency management plan with our restoration company, you will be able to handle any crisis that arises by simply placing one phone call. Since all the important information, pre-approvals, and necessary phone numbers and account numbers are on file, you can breathe easy rather than run around frantically trying to solve the problem.

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