No matter the type, hurricane, tornado or blizzard, storms can be a catastrophic source of impairment for homes and especially businesses. These aftermath of these events can cause prolonged downtime which can mean reduced revenues, which are never desired. They are also able to destroy structure and cause other residual effects that are just as damaging. Wind, water and debris can destroy property and cause potential water, fire and mold damages. While the most important factor to consider if a storm is approaching or occurs, is your safety and that of others, it is important to be aware of the potential aftermath that can follow in order to prepare as much as possible.

Fire, Water & Mold Damages

When storms occur, there are many possibilities for fire, water and mold to affect your business. Lightning can strike fires, heavy rains can create floods and surges and mold can develop when conditions are wet and humid. All of these can obviously inflict their own variations of havoc to your property and its contents making operations cease if the damage is severe enough. Aside from major damages, windows can shatter or debris can impact a building causing roof or structural damage and require repairs. These kinds of damages can take time to fix or may be unsightly during the interim, which will determine downtime. If a storm is approaching, all efforts should be made to try to protect your building and its contents from potential damages from fire, water or mold. Boarding up points of entry, creating barriers to keep away floodwaters and safeguarding documents and valuables can help to minimize destruction.

Power & Cleanup

Lightning and strong winds can knock down power lines and cause outages that last for periods of time. Additionally, there will almost certainly be some sort of debris to clear once the storm has passed. Before the storm arrives, it can be beneficial to back up all records electronically, trim back trees and landscaping and be sure your trash bins are emptied so that there is room to put new debris.

Securing After A Storm

During a storm, roofing and siding can become damaged or even removed completely. If your business’ structure has been compromised, you may need temporary, weather-proof structural protection to prevent further damage from the elements and to protect what remains of the property and its contents during rebuilding. Many insurance companies also require some sort of temporary protection while repairs are being made in order to receive the full benefits of a policy.

If a storm strikes at your business, it is critical to act as quickly as possible, optimally within the first 24-48 hours that damage occurs. Acting quickly and trusting in the professionals helps to minimize the amount of loss and ensure the appropriate actions are implemented the first time. There are many details that can be missed and can cause potential issues later if not performed correctly initially.

Natural disasters have certainly earned their name, having disastrous effects on your business. However, if a storm causes damage to your commercial business, restoration companies can help you return to operations again as quickly as possible.

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