Mold is stealthy, and can infiltrate your house without a sound, causing damage to the structure of the house, your belongings, and your health. For this reason, mold inspection and testing is of the utmost importance to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your family. Mold grows in damp, humid places, like basements, shower stalls, and crawl spaces. Especially if you live in an older home, or your home is susceptible to moisture, mold testing will keep your family healthy and your house structurally intact. A professional mold testing company is able to perform a complete mold test and inspection to determine whether mold is present in your home or business and offer actionable mold remediation plans to address if mold is found to be present.

Any Type of Water Damage

Mold grows fast, and within 48 hours of water damage, mold can already be spreading through your house. Mold testing is especially important if you have experienced water damage, as moisture and humidity where they don’t belong are the number one cause of mold. Mold inspection is imperative if you have any of the following:

  • A recent flooded basement from a storm or washing machine
  • A leaking toilet or shower
  • Old water damage from a pipe behind the wall
  • Water damage from sprinkler systems in a fire
OTM Water Damage that caused mold. What to do if your house has mold.

Unexplained Illness

Mold can cause illnesses of several varieties, and if members of your family are suddenly ill with no explanation, it is a good time for a mold inspection. Toxic mold can cause headaches, cold-like symptoms such as a runny nose and itchy eyes, as well as confusion. Gastrointestinal issues as well as joint pain are also linked to mold.

A Lingering Musty Odor

Another reason to insist on mold testing is if you detect a musty odor in your home, especially if it comes on suddenly. The toxic mold leaves this lingering smell as it creeps up your walls. By the time you smell it, the mold has already infiltrated your house and you will need to remediate.

What Is Involved In Mold Remediation​? OTM Restoration Professional Mold Removal and Water Damage is ready to help.

When Buying a House

Unless you are buying a brand new house, hire an expert to do a mold inspection. If the mold inspection turns up chronic mold, this is a good indication that you will have your hands full dealing with getting the problem remediated, and this may not be the house for you. If you feel like tackling the problem, you can use it as a bargaining chip.

When Selling a House

In the interest of full disclosure, offering the negative results of a recent mold inspection to prospective buyers will make your house more appealing, especially if it is old or seemingly damp. If the test is positive, you can use it as a negotiating tool and decide who will pay for the damage. Either way, the mold inspection is vital to the success of the sale.

In Conjunction with a Mold Remediation Project

If you hire a company to perform a mold remediation project, they will want a mold inspection before and after the project is completed. This mold inspection and testing will help the team determine how bad the mold is, where it is, and how best to remediate it. After the project is completed, mold testing will determine if all the mold is eradicated.

The top six reasons you need a mold test are important to consider. Mold inspection and testing is imperative for many reasons. Although some people think that mold merely consists of black spots on the walls, mold is a toxic biohazard that can ruin your walls, ceiling, furniture, and health. Mold testing will help to pinpoint the problem and get you back on track to health, for your home and family. And understanding your baseline mold numbers will ensure that your belongings and family are safe from this toxic biohazard. Using a professional mold testing and inspection company to perform your home or business property is important to ensure a complete assessment is conducted for the health and cleanliness of your family and employees.

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