Finding a reliable mold remediation and restoration company in Miami or anywhere else that manages your mold restoration is tough. Companies struggle to diagnose a problem and provide the correct solution. They also advertise dangerous materials that can make the situation worse.

OTM’s Mold Restoration Process

Our industrial hygiene technicians are highly trained and dedicated to providing you with the best service. They undergo extensive training and education in their respective fields. Technicians focus on delivering knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. We use advanced tools and technologies to offer the safest, most efficient, and most effective mold cleanup possible.

Below are some steps in restoring a home or business that has been affected by mold.

Mold restoration and mold remediation will be necessary at some point for all homeowners in Miami. Mold remediation and mold restoration will be necessary at some point for all homeowners in Miami.

Mold Assessment

To develop an effective mold remediation plan, we need to conduct an initial assessment of your home or business. The mold assessment provides information that will allow us to understand your unique situation. Once we have all the pertinent facts, we can develop a tailored plan to repair the water problem.

Cover & Protect Your Property

Protecting your family and belongings during a mold remediation project is critical. This step keeps floors, furnishings, and other belongings clean from mold particles during remediation. OTM will cover items with dust sheets or waterproof covers to prevent particles from becoming airborne during repair work. We advise you on how best to protect your belongings, equipment, and items like clothing during the initial assessment.

Installing Containment Barriers

Our professional team will quickly and efficiently place the containment barrier around your home. The barrier prevents contamination from affecting areas that are currently unaffected. We use plastic sheeting or tarps to guard against the spread of contaminants. It also keeps workers out of certain areas and is vital for worker safety and health.

Clean Replacement HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Close Up. Residential and Commercial Building Air Quality Theme.

Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration is a critical component of your remediation safety and can help maintain the health and safety of your workers. We offer HEPA-filtered devices that will filter out mold spores in the air, maintaining the highest level of cleanliness possible. The purpose of an air scrubber or HEPA filter is to remove dangerous mold spores from the air, preventing them from entering your lungs or eyes. These filters pass compressed air through a series of stacked sheets that capture and trap particles unable to be seen with your naked eye.

Demolition and Removal of Mold Damage

Removing building materials and other construction waste can present a challenge when you need to keep the site clean. Our demolition and removal crews are skilled at surgically removing wood and other materials from your property. After debris removal from the site, it is double-bagged, sealed, transported away by our trucks, and disposed of safely.

HEPA Vacuum

Air cleaning is an essential step in mold remediation. A HEPA vacuum is a filtration system that uses a high-efficiency particulate air filter. It removes fine particles from the air that is dangerous to your health. Our professional-grade HEPA vacuums exceed all industry standards, meeting or exceeding 12 times more than the minimum dust removal requirements. It can remove particles down to 0.3 microns, three times smaller than an average human hair.

Workers disinfecting furniture for a mold remediation and restoration company in Miami. Workers disinfecting furniture for a mold remediation and restoration company in Miami.

Antimicrobial Agents

Once all surface mold is gone from the site, it is necessary to clean and disinfect any remaining mold. In addition, we use an antimicrobial agent to slow or prevent regrowth for up to 6 months. This process is effective for killing any surface mold as well as preventing the future growth of mold.

Mold Stain Removal

Essential to the success of your mold removal project is the elimination or reduction of mold stains. Hydrogen peroxide is an ideal solution as it offers a safe alternative to bleaches. It can cause surfaces to darken or lose their finish over time. Our process involves using a hydrogen peroxide solution to remove embedded mold roots and minimize staining. Allowing for cleaning of the affected areas is essential for restoring a surface.

A Good Mold Restoration Company Cleans All Surfaces

All visible surface mold is scrubbed, wiped, and cleaned off of affected or contaminated building materials. The process often requires using a pressure washer. Scrubbing materials by hand is also possible but not as effective as using a professional power tool like an electric pressure washer when dealing with significant amounts of surface mold growth.

Clean Areas with HEPA Filtered Vacuum

When we clean, we do our best to remove mold and mildew, but we can’t catch all of it. If there are lingering spores in the air, our team will re-vacuum the home after the cleaning is complete. The HEPA vacuum sweeps up any remaining spores ensuring your home remains as safe as possible until all traces of mold and mildew are gone.

Mold Resistant Coating for Long-Term Protection

To help prevent mold from reoccurring, Mold resistant coating is applied to cleaned surfaces and painted directly onto them. Mold resistant coating not only protects against water stains but also prevents the growth of mold and mildew. You can bring new life to your favorite vintage finds with a fresh coat of paint protected by a clear protective coating.

Post-Remediation Cleanup

A post-remediation inspection can tell you if the mold spore count is at an acceptable level and your property is safe. It requires a qualified and trained inspector who understands the totality of mold remediation work. They should be skilled in including removal procedures. These include sanitizing protocols, clearance testing methods, and threshold levels for determining whether or not there are still any trace amounts of mold contamination at your property.

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OTM Mold Restoration Company in Miami and All of Florida

OTM Restoration Company is a full-service restoration company that provides emergency water extraction and cleanup services for residential and commercial properties. We can work with your insurance company to get you the best coverage possible while we get your property back in good condition.

Our teams are available 24/7 and 365 days a year to handle all commercial water damage needs. We understand that when a business faces a water disaster, it is not only the property that requires attention but also the equipment and items inside your building. OTM’s trained technicians can assess the situation and recommend effective solutions to keep your business up and running as soon as possible.

We have many years of experience working with flood victims throughout Florida. Including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay Area, and more! Our team of certified technicians has the training necessary to deal with any situation that may arise during an emergency callout. We take pride in our ability to provide exceptional service while respecting your time and budget constraints.

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