Silent but dangerous, mold can be a common yet discouraging discovery. It takes as little as 48 hours for new mold to grow and have damaging results to the structure of your property and the health of your loved ones. Though mold is a naturally growing type of fungus that is found everywhere, when found indoors, it can deteriorate building materials like tile, insulation, drywall, wood and carpet. Its unpleasant appearance and smell can also portray the wrong message to employees and customers. OTM Restoration understands the importance of protecting your property and the health of those that inhabit it. Our mold remediation and removal services are available 24/7 to resolve mold infestation and mildew occurrence.

What Are The Health Effects Of Mold Exposure?

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Allergic reactions
  • Bleeding noses
  • Pulmonary diseases and asthma

Mold can create serious health issues in the otherwise healthy and exacerbate fragile conditions in those with existing conditions like asthma or other respiratory illnesses. Prolonged exposure to mold can lead to worse side effects including memory loss, insomnia or confusion.

When Do I Need Mold Remediation & Removal Services?

When any mold growth is found indoors, it will usually require mold removal, mold damage restoration, mold remediation Florida. mold cleaning Miami. Not all mold species are harmful but the potential danger is when mold finds a favorable environment where moisture, dampness and humidity are present. Mold requires water to flourish and is most commonly found in areas where there is a healthy source to feed off, typically in places like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements and crawl spaces. It can also develop in hidden or higher areas like behind walls or in attics from a pipe leak or a roof leak. Fire and water destruction damages that were not initially corrected properly can also lead to residual mold growth.

What Are Mold Remediation & Removal Services?

Each mold remediation is unique and will be managed according to individual needs. Determining and repairing the water source of the mold is the most important task. Whether a broken or leaking pipe or roof damage, our experienced professionals will remedy the cause to prevent further deterioration. We will then work to contain the existing mold, mold cleaning Miami and mold remediation Miami FL to ensure no additional development in any other areas. Once affected materials are safely removed and disposed of, rebuilding of structure and replacement of insulation or drywall may be necessary to complete the remediation.

Our Professional Mold Remediation & Removal Services Include

  • Identify the mold affected areas as well as its hidden sources
  • Undertake air quality testing process
  • Prompt mold infiltration process by trained professionals
  • Eliminate water-damage and mold-infested materials
  • Replace drywall if the molds presence was severe
  • Cleaning and disinfecting walls, furniture, carpets etc
  • Sanitation, deodorization and air purification process
  • Cleaning the premises thoroughly with no residual
  • Faster, quality, start-to-finish restoration services

The Most Common Household Molds

Mold is everywhere all around us, both indoors and outdoors. It is usually harmless in small amounts in environments that are not wet and humid. However, most mold found indoors is usually not a good sign. When mold is present, building structure is able to deteriorate and the health of your family, loved ones, employees or customers can be compromised. This small organism is a type of fungus that ranges in many colors and textures and can survive anywhere.

Not all molds are harmful. Some are even beneficial to the environment and the wellbeing and enjoyment of humans. Mold becomes dangerous when it settles indoors in favorably moist and humid conditions. As it reproduces through spores in the air and those spores are breathed, is when mold has the potential to become dangerous. There are three classifications of harmful mold: allergenic, pathogenic and toxigenic. Allergenic molds can cause and produce allergies; pathogenic molds can exacerbate health issues in those with existing conditions; and toxigenic molds can lead to serious health conditions, even death.


One of the more common kinds of allergenic molds, alternaria, can be found where there is dampness, like showers, bathtubs and sinks and also as a result of water damage. It is recognizable by its velvet texture and dark green and brown hairs. Able to spread quickly, this mold should be remediated immediately as it can cause symptoms similar to asthma in the upper respiratory tract, nose and mouth.


There are over 185 species of aspergillus and it can materialize in many colors. Though it is an allergenic mold, it can become toxic relative to the species and environment. Some species are able to produce carcinogens known as aflatoxins, which are deadly. Known for their long flask shaped spores chains of growth, they can create thick layers or even walls of mold.


This olive green or brown colored mold can uniquely grown in both warm and cold environments and thrives in porous materials such as fabrics, upholstery and carpet. It can also be found under floorboards and in cupboards. Classified as an allergenic mold, cladosporium can affect the skin, causing rash and legions and also as allergic reactions in the eyes, nose or throat.


Infamously known as “black mold”, stachybotrys is a toxic mold that is dark green or black with a slimy texture. A more heartier mold, this species is known to grow on wood, cardboard, paper or wicker. Exposure to stachybotrys can cause breathing difficulties, stubborn cough, nose bleeds, fever and painful headaches. This mold should be remediated immediately if discovered.


Commonly found in wallpaper and carpet, trichoderma can be recognized by its wooly texture that is usually white with green patches, though it includes five different subspecies. Trichoderma grows fast in damp areas and can also be found in AC filters and ducts where there is condensation. It is also incredibly destructive to wood, paper and textiles as it produces an enzyme that specifically destroys this kind of material. Finding mold in your home can be unsettling but is certainly able to be remediated. The most important task to tackle is eliminating the mold as quickly as possible and determining the source from which it is developing from. Mold growth is usually the result of a larger issue like a leaking pipe.

OTM Restoration In Miami Florida

On The Map Restoration of South Florida is committed to helping our customers with a safe and complete property restoration experience. Disasters can strike residential or commercial properties at any time, causing chaos at home and work. We understand the stress that follows and are devoted to helping our clients through any disaster. We’ll readily restore your property back to pre-loss conditions, transforming it before your very eyes. Most importantly, we take into consideration what our customers are going through during the recovery process. We’ll be there for you, every step of the way.

True to our name, OTM (On the Map) is exceptionally well-renowned in the South Florida community. Our customers turn to us to convert their home or business back to normal after they have suffered significant damage. We take the time to understand your needs and promptly work with you to resolve your situation in a timely manner. No matter if it’s day or night; our round the clock team members are here to help. Specializing in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial properties after fire, smoke, or water damage, OTM also mitigates mold and mildew from your home or business.

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