With so much newfound awareness to the cleanliness of our surroundings, it has become paramount to safeguard all environments with proper cleaning and disinfecting practices. There are an infinite number of places and opportunities to transmit and spread germs and bacteria that can cause contagious diseases and illnesses. Though most already have traditional cleaning procedures in place, these really only affect 30% of an interior space. When added to traditional cleaning, sanitization services can help to create a more completely clean atmosphere. High traffic places and high touch surfaces can pose serious health risks to those who come in contact and should be regularly disinfected to help promote a healthy and safe setting. We understand how important it is for employees, customers, family, loved ones and everyone who enters your property to feel their health is protected. OTM Restoration’s disinfecting services can help to improve the cleanliness of your home or business to instill confidence and peace of mind.

Cleaning vs Sanitizing vs Disinfecting

It is worthwhile to understand the distinct difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting as each term can be confusing in relation to one another. Regular cleaning is the removal of surface impurities. This can include wiping down and clearing tables, counters and glass to remove spots, stains and debris. Sanitizing is meant to reduce levels of bacteria on a surface to make the area safe again, but does not kill fungi, bacteria and viruses. Disinfecting is the only way to eliminate harmful pathogens and prevent their spread. Virtually every microscopic organism can be removed with disinfection though most disinfectants are not meant for cleaning and can even make disinfectants less effective when the area is not properly cleaned first.

Why You Need Disinfecting Services

As the pandemic lumbers on, disinfecting services are at the top of peoples’ minds like never before, especially people that own businesses. Every business has an obligation to keep its employees, customers, and visitors safe. Since the spring of 2020, Covid 19 has run rampant through the country, and Florida has been hit especially hard. Businesses have to stay on the cutting edge of sanitization services in order to stay open safely, and decontaminate the business properly if they do get infected with Covid 19. There are five major types of businesses that require disinfecting services to stay open for regular business, as well as sanitize in case of Covid 19 cases: schools, businesses, healthcare facilities, hospitality, and restaurants.

Hiring A Professional

With the onslaught of Covid 19, your company cannot just use their garden-variety cleaning methods and think these methods will fight a very virulent Covid 19 outbreak. Only 30% of traditional cleaning products and processes really make a difference with this virus, so hiring a professional cleaning company for your disinfection services is paramount. The company will do a needs assessment, determine the best method for sanitizing the company, and then create procedures to get the building cleaned safely. As a manager or owner, you will need to work closely with a disinfecting service to make sure your company is safe, especially if someone has been diagnosed with the virus. Consider regulations that have been put into place to keep employees and customers safe, as well as how long it will take to get your business back on its feet.

Disinfecting High Traffic Touchpoints

Hand hygiene is still the key for the spread of the virus. When items are touched and re-touched by others in your company, the virus can easily spread. Disinfecting services need to concentrate their services on high traffic touch points in your business. These include

  • Door handles
  • Stair rails and handrails
  • Cash points
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Garbage and recycling areas
  • Kitchen and dining areas

Areas Of Special Concern

Bathrooms are of special importance in the fight against Covid19, and sanitization services need to concentrate their efforts there. The spray from toilets being flushed is highly unsanitary, and can contain infected fecal matter days after an employee has left the restroom. Sinks, toilets and dispensers also need to be scrupulously sanitized to keep people safe.

In the fight against Covid 19, special consideration needs to be paid to cleaning hard to reach surfaces. Consider fragile computer parts, covered keypads, any electronics pieces that are angled, or curved handles throughout the building. A professional sanitization service will have the tools and tricks needed to treat these hard to reach surfaces.

Importance Of Maintaining Sanitizing Service

As a manager or owner, your job is to keep the business running efficiently and to keep people safe. Hiring a professional company for disinfecting services is wise because they have the products and tested techniques needed to ensure your business has the best chance of staying open with healthy employees and clients. A professional company also understands safety protocols and will supply you with a written safety report, which will let you and your employees and customers know that the business is safe. Maintaining these professional services will go a long way to improve your peace of mind, which will ultimately affect the bottom line: your cash flow.

OTM Restoration In Miami Florida

On The Map Restoration of South Florida is committed to helping our customers with a safe and complete property restoration experience. Disasters can strike residential or commercial properties at any time, causing chaos at home and work. We understand the stress that follows and are devoted to helping our clients through any disaster. We’ll readily restore your property back to pre-loss conditions, transforming it before your very eyes. Most importantly, we take into consideration what our customers are going through during the recovery process. We’ll be there for you, every step of the way.

True to our name, OTM (On the Map) is exceptionally well-renowned in the South Florida community. Our customers turn to us to convert their home or business back to normal after they have suffered significant damage. We take the time to understand your needs and promptly work with you to resolve your situation in a timely manner. No matter if it’s day or night; our round the clock team members are here to help. Specializing in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial properties after fire, smoke, or water damage, OTM also mitigates mold and mildew from your home or business.

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