Florida is known for its warm and sunny weather. However, the state is also known for its abysmal raining season. Property owners shouldn’t let their guard down to possible water damage.

You can protect your home by making sure you have the right type of insurance coverage and ensure it protects against water damage when disaster strikes.

Homeowners in Florida face unique challenges when it comes to potential damage to their homes. Having the right type of insurance is essential to protecting your home and your finances.

Keep reading to learn more about what your policy coverage might include when it comes to water damage.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover for Florida Homeowners?

Water damage, mold, storm, and fire damage are all covered under your Florida home insurance policy. However, not just any type of water damage or hurricane damage gets covered. Under the Homeowners Insurance policy, the covered perils are specific and outlined.

For example, the water damage coverage for Florida homeowners is limited to the home itself and the water damage that occurs as a result of plumbing, sewers, or drains. If your home obtains damage from water, you have to prove that it was the water that did it. It is not enough to say that you think another cause must have been the source.

Problematic and expensive damage like those caused by faulty plumbing or roofing can become quite pricey to fix. Having the right insurance policy in place will ensure that you are properly protected if any of these problems arise.

Insurance Coverage for Water Damage

Water Leak Property Damage possible water damage Water Leak Property Damage possible water damage

Water damage to your home can stem from a number of different causes, such as burst pipes or floods. Even if your home does not flood, water damage can still occur due to overflow.

Water damage can also occur if your dishwasher, washing machine, or toilet overflows. Under the Homeowners Insurance policy, water damage is covered as long as the water damage was not caused by something you did.

For example, if your dishwasher overflows because you did not properly clean it, you would not get covered for the cost of repair. However, if there is a leaky pipe or broken pipe in the ceiling, you’re covered because those malfunctions get covered under the policy.

If you are not sure if you’re covered for a certain type of damage, contact your insurance company. Your insurance company will be able to clear up any misunderstandings as to what is covered and what is not.

Homeowners Insurance Policy Review for Storm Damage Homeowners Insurance Policy Review for Storm Damage

Florida Flood Insurance

A standard Homeowners policy does not cover surface water, waves, tidal water, floods, or overflow of any body of water damage to your property.

Flood insurance is a necessity for many homeowners in Florida. According to the National Flood Insurance Program, there are currently over 2.1 million policies for flood insurance indicating many homes are not covered and are at risk of liability.

Nearly 2 out of 3 homes requiring a National Flood Insurance Program Policy in the United States are in the State of Florida. The flat surface of the state makes it susceptible to flooding when waters rise. Aside from the annual torrential thunderstorms, Florida has experienced 81 tropical storms and hurricanes between 2000-2019, according to NFIP.

Are you in a Flood Zone? Find out by clicking here and going to the FEMA Flood Map Center.

Renters Insurance Liability and Water Damage

Renters may be required to have personal liability insurance as a condition in the terms of agreement. However, many of these policies do not cover water damage to the owners property and would leave the renter liable for all cost and repairs.

Residents of apartments or rented homes are encouraged to review and amend the renters insurance policy to cover water damage and any other issues to limit potential liability. It’s an easy process and may prove to be a wise decision, especially in Florida.

For more information on Renters Insurance for Florida Residents, click here.

On The Map Restoration of South Florida

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