If you live in a state that includes the word “coast” in its name there is a good chance that you’ll find yourself at risk for mold damage. This is the case whether a Florida Homeowners home has been flooded or if it is simply humid enough to promote mold growth in areas like your walls and ceilings.

Unfortunately, Florida has a bad habit of experiencing rain and flooding. This can cause water damage that leads to mold growth in your home and affect the structural integrity of your property. A mold outbreak is also a possibility as well when it comes to hurricane season. It’s important to be aware of these potential issues and how they could impact your home.

Mold damage may be covered as part of a claim, usually resulting from water damage. Having the right insurance can protect your home by assuring you have the right coverage and verifying it protects against mold-related issues.

Insurance Coverage for Florida Homeowners

Homeowner’s insurance in Florida covers mold, fire, water, and storm damage. However, not all mold damage is covered. The policy outlines specific covered perils. Damage from faulty plumbing or roofing can be expensive to fix. Having the right insurance policy in place will ensure you are protected if any of these problems arise.

For example, the mold damage coverage for Florida homeowners may be limited to the home itself and damage stemming from plumbing, sewers, or drains. If your home obtains damage from mold, you have to prove the cause was the water from these sources.

Insurance is a necessity for most properties in the state of Florida. The drastic weather makes homeowners susceptible to damage year-round. Having coverage is therefore a no-brainer and should be a top priority for every homeowner.

Insurance Coverage for Mold Damage

Florida Homeowners Mold Damage on Interior Wall of Home in Florida

Mold coverage isn’t always guaranteed by your homeowner’s policy. If it does get covered, it’s generally only if the damage gets caused by a covered peril.

For example, in Florida homeowners insurance covers mold damage to your home if the mold is due to a problem with the building itself. For example, if a pipe bursts and began to leak water, mold can grow as a result of water damage. Mold growth will get covered as long as the source of the leak is not your own neglect.

However, if you have mold as a result of a flood, and don’t have coverage that addresses floods (this is typically added-on insurance), the mold damage will not get covered. Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect against mold, but it’s still a good idea to check your policy’s stance on mold.

If you are not sure if your mold damage gets covered by Florida homeowners insurance, again it’s best to check directly with your insurance company.

OTM Restoration for Florida Homeowners

Florida Homeowners Choose OTM Restoration Services

If your home has water, mold, mildew, fire, or smoke damage, On The Map Restoration of South Florida can help. As a professional property damage restoration company, we have the experience and equipment to quickly assess your situation and provide a solution to get your property returned to pre-loss condition. Our detailed approach helps homeowners save money through home insurance policies, labor warranties, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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