Mold remediation is an essential service to seek after flooding, water leakage, fire, or any natural or man-made disaster that causes mold formation. When it comes to resolving mold issues, a mold remediation professional can tackle the job. Choosing the right mold remediation company involves comparing mold remediation services to ensure the complete eradication of the problem. But what is involved in mold remediation? That’s what this article is all about.

Mold Remediation Involves Testing

There are various types of mold issues, like black mold. Hence, mold remediation starts from the complete assessment of the mold remediation professional. Using specialized equipment such as high-quality moisture sensors and infra-red cameras is ideal to evaluate the severity of the problem. A trusted mold remediation company invests in cutting-edge mold meters and dryers to eliminate mold spores to prevent the recurrence of mold invasion inside the home. Hence, top companies offer the best mold remediation services.

In mold testing, the mold remediation professional takes at least two indoor samples, which will be sent for laboratory testing to a third-party lab. When the results come out, the mold remediation company can provide the right solution to the mold problem. A trusted company offers sophisticated testing as a part of excellent mold remediation services. 

What Is Involved In Mold Remediation? OTM Restoration Professional Mold Removal and Water Damage is ready to help. What Is Involved In Mold Remediation? OTM Restoration Professional Mold Removal and Water Damage is ready to help.

Steps Involved In Mold Remediation

Safety First

The mold remediation professional from a trusted company wears the proper safety gear for safety, such as a high filtration face mask and a pair of neoprene or vinyl gloves. Good mold remediation companies let workers wear full protective suits because of the safety risks of harsh chemicals for mold remediation projects.

Sealing the Area

The next step is sealing the work area. Mold professionals use plastic sheeting or similar covering to prevent the dispersion of mold spores throughout the home.

Removing Mold

Mold professionals are equipped with the right equipment when removing mold. The most reputable mold remediation company uses expensive, professional equipment like High Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA air scrubbers, commercial-strength dehumidifiers, and HEPA vacuums. Regular handymen don’t have such equipment, so it’s best to hire legit mold professionals.

Air Cleaning

Once the mold is eradicated from its source, mold professionals clean the air of mold spores with HEPA air scrubbers and air exchange. This equipment replaces moldy air with healthy fresh air. Such equipment uses simple or sophisticated ventilation and negative air controls.

HEPA filters are used when vacuuming and air scrubbing. These filters are specially designed to capture tiny particles like mold spores. Using regular filters is ineffective and could aggravate the mold problem.

Mold professionals dispose of moldy porous building materials like baseboards, insulation, and drywall. These materials are difficult to restore but are inexpensive to replace. Because of the contaminated conditions of these materials, it’s better to throw damaged drywalls and baseboards away than to be the culprit of mold infestation.

Chemical Treatment

Mold professionals use antimicrobial chemicals to clean remaining mold spores and mold stains. A sealer or encapsulant treat more mold and water damage resistant areas, which also helps with odor control.


Mold remediation is a vital service to take advantage of after water damage to avoid widespread mold infestation. Resolve mold issues by hiring a mold remediation professional from the best mold remediation company that offers complete mold remediation services, as discussed  above.

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